Band: Corvus Stone

CD Title: Corvus Stone II

Website: www.corvusstone.com

Label: Melodic Revolution Records (2015)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



As the title clearly indicates this is the second release for the internationally composed group who go by the name Corvus Stone. Their music is a quirky blend of longer, clearly prog-inspired compositions interspersed or even connected to other shorter musical segments of varying lengths. The album is a full discís worth of music clocking in at seventy-nine minutes made up of sixteen different tunes. Thatís a lot but in the interest of fair reporting not as many as the TWENTY-ONE composed for their first disc! Given the many different tracks itís to be expected that we will hear quite a variety of different musical styles and the band does not disappoint. There is everything from blues-rock a la Savoy Brown to space-rock like Hawkwind and everything in between. Some of the music displays a nice acoustic medieval feel and then a little later thereís more of a Spanish vibe. In fact one of the things that stood out to me this time around was the increased use of acoustic guitars throughout. Yet for all its variety the album hangs together very nicely as it moves from one musical motif to another using a blues-rock foundation as its core. The band seems more than comfortable working in a myriad of musical styles and has become quite adept at stitching it all together to flow smoothly over the course of the disc. In fact I would say this is the one area that shows the greatest growth over their first album which tended to be a little choppy musically as it transitioned from one track to the next. Itís tricky trying to provide sonic reference points for Corvus Stone, because anyone I might mention donít do what Corvus Stone do with these riffs. That said I was reminded just a tiny bit of early Jethro Tull when they were stull blues based but starting to experiment. Given so much music, itís hard to take it all it so this is a disc I suggest youíll need to spend some time with to get the full impact, but itís well worth the investment.