Band: Beardfish

CD Title: +4626- Comfort Zone

Website: www.beardfishband.com

Label: InsideOut Records (2015)

Rating: Brilliant 5/5



In the modern era of Progressive Rock music, Sweden has given us some very tasty bands and certainly Beardfish ranks right up there as one of the best. Not quite a symphonically melodic as the Flower Kings but nor as jarringly avant-garde as SOT. Somewhere in the middle Beardfish manage to create quirky melodies and jaunty arrangements very much of their own making. This is the bandís eighth disc; ten compositions ranging in length from just under two-minutes to over fifteen. If there is one thing that typifies the Beardfish prog style itís how they manage to inject a very bluesy rock segments into constantly changing compositions. But perhaps more than that itís the manner in which these changes occur, never in the anticipated way, always unexpectedly. Their music is very much like a roller-coaster ride. Songs will be going in a certain direction only to suddenly descend into a cascade of notes that build to a fury and then round the corner into a movement that sounds almost medieval. Through it all there is still very much a symphonic flourish or sheen that is applied as their music contains many layers or levels of instrumental involvement. I think the title track ďComfort ZoneĒ [9:33] is a stunning achievement in displaying everything I love about the Beardfish musical approach; everything from the long and dramatic introduction, the keyboard orchestrations, the vocals with solo piano all leading to grander more dramatic movements that incorporate many musical change-ups and moving melodies. So cool! Iíll be honest with you, the more I listened to +4626- Comfort Zone the higher up the rating I moved. In the end I couldnít escape the fact this is a Brilliant release and highly recommended.