Band: Blast Unicorn

CD Title: Van Halo

Website: www.blastunicorn.com  

Label: Iapetus Media (2015)

Rating: Intriguing 1/5



Whatís that old Monty Python line Ė ďAnd now for something completely different.Ē Well that certainly comes to mind as I listen to Blast Unicornís debut album Van Halo. This is the work of touch guitarist Alexander Paul Dowerk and electronic musician Tobias Reber produced by none other than Markus Reuter. Not a very long musical project it clocks in at just thirty-five minutes but it is made up of eighteen compositions so as you can well imagine many of these tracks must be quite short and you would be right in fact a good many of them are under a minute long. Light on traditional melody this is experimental avant-garde music that pushes the envelope of the listening experience as we hear the duo literally run through some very strange predominantly rhythmic sound experiments. If the idea was to throw melody out the window and focus on creating a sonic atmosphere Iíd say they have handily succeeded. Despite a few relaxed moments, much of the music here is dense, angular, complex and ultimately aggressive in nature. Thereís a myriad of sounds colliding into one another. Now Iím not too sure how much of this is composed versus played improvisationally but my guess is the latter played a significant part in the ultimate final sound. Iím thinking these were more sound experiments crafted in the studio. A musical journey of sorts to see where the sounds would lead. The promo material describes the music as ďgenre-bendingĒ and certainly Iím hard-pressed to pigeon-hole the music of Blast Unicorn other than to say if you enjoy the work of musicians crafting sounds-into-music this should be right up your alley and while itís not my personal cup-of-tea it is certainly something intriguing to listen to.