Band: Blurred Vision

CD Title: Organized Insanity

Website: www.blurredvisionmusic.com

Label: Open Eyes Records (2015)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



Let me say right off the top, Blurred Vision is one of those bands that I classify as a secret guilty pleasure. What I mean by that is they donít really fit the Progressive Rock mold but do many things musically that not only holds my interest but brings a smile to my face while listening. Perhaps more rightly placed in an Art Rock category, this three piece outfit writes very catchy, up-beat, melodic tunes that all range in the three, four or five minute range. There are hints of Pink Floyd, Beatles and quite a few others that scratch their way to the surface either through lyrical lines, or musical passages all of which brings more than a hint of familiarity to these eleven compositions. Writing about everything from politics to romance Blurred Vision manages to inject some clever musical change-ups along the way. Their promo material describes the band as ďProgressive/Psychedelic/Pop RockĒ and in many respects that covers the bases but doesnít really do justice to the bandís creativity. Iím reminded of bands like the short-lived Red Seven or later day 10CC mixed with a Roger Waters solo album vibe. It may not be Prog but all things considered Organized Insanity is a very enjoyable and thoroughly satisfying listen for those times when you canít think of what to listen to next.