Band: Tom Caufield

CD Title: Things I heard While in the Womb

Website: www.caufieldmusic.com

Label: Bohemian Embassy Records (2015)

Rating: Intriguing 1/5



The Progressive Rock musical tent is a rather one, but even with that understanding I don’t normally do reviews for music that falls into the Ambient category. Unless of course I think there’s something more on offer and certainly there was something intriguing about the music of Tom Caufield on his sixth release entitled Things I heard While in the Womb. There is much to recommend this disc to fans of softer-styled symphonic prog. Consisting of just three tracks the music places Caulfield’s acoustic guitar centre stage and then embellishes the softly rolling riffs with different levels of keyboard symphonic orchestrations. The effect is not dissimilar to the music of early Mike Oldfield such as Ommadawn. The guitar playing for all its softness is quite intricate offering up plenty of riffs, hooks, strumming and precise picking. Rhythm lines are understated as well with drums and bass elements performed in a leisurely subdued fashion. Every so often the music is lifted to a grander level as arrangements get fuller and fuller but never too much. This is the ultimate, thinking person's background music. Far from being inconsequential the musical composition and performance is quite intentional. Rather than something of a “throw-away’ nature Caulfield is wanting his music to be attended to and when that’s done it’s a very pleasing listen. Too easily thrown into the “New-Age” category I’d recommend this disc to fans of soft, melodic symphonic prog. While it won’t be everyone’s cup-of-tea it should find a spot in a corner of that big prog tent.