Band: Agent Fresco

CD Title: Destrier

Website: www.agentfresco.is

Label: Long Branch Records (2015)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5



Now this is something special! Iím a big fan of bands that straddle that line between Art-Rock and Prog-Rock and this is something that Icelandís Agent Fresco do extremely well. By all accounts this is the bandís second full-length studio release and itís a real winner in my books. A total of fourteen tracks clocking in at fifty-two minutes of music that is melodic, bombastic and full of emotionally exhilarating moments. Vocals are sung in a higher-pitched voice, falsetto at times style giving the band a rather unique sound. Instrumentally we go from poppy, hooky segments into crunchy rock guitar avalanches. The album is replete with staccato segments and every changing musical structure, making it a challenge to know when one track stops and the next starts. The great thing about this from my perspective is that it transforms what is typically a set of shorter tunes into a much grander expansive listening experience. This is further accentuated by the powerful open chords on the guitars which really open up these tunes. Along the way thereís a ton of musical change-ups that speak to the bandís musical inventiveness. I really loved this record. Every tune was like a brilliant musical present that when opened brought joy to my listening experience. Its up-beat and compositionally magical.  If you like the music of bands like Mew and Von Hertzen Brothers this should find a welcome spot in your collection. Highly recommended.