Band: Aronora

CD Title: Escapology

Website: http://aronora.bandcamp.com

Label: Independent Release (2015)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



Taking time out of his primary musical adventures, The Ben Cameron Project, Cameron has reunited with his brother Chris to complete the second release for the side project Aronora. Itís called Escapology and thematically deals with the many forms of escape the human mind needs or wants over the course of a lifetime. The recording is forty-six minutes long, nine songs (including a single-edit bonus track) ranging in length from four to seven minutes. Musically this is heavier but not at all what I would class as Prog-Metal, itís just that the guitar takes centre stage, whether chording, riffing or picking. Keyboards while present play the support role of providing texture or sonic support. Stylistically Aronora borrow elements of Rush and Riverside to create a sound that is both atmospheric and aggressive without overpowering the listener. Tunes will go from full-blown Pink Floyd styled heavy build-ups to segments that feature nothing more than acoustic guitar and clarinet. In fact the clarinet, flute and double bass make quite a few appearances throughout the disc and really go a long way to bringing out the dreamier, spacey elements of the music. There are also a number shorter segments or interludes that are almost mood pieces that go nowhere other than to create a feel. My guess is, if you like the music of the three bands mentioned above the music of Aronora will hold quite some interest for you. I urge you to check them out.