Band: Autumn Electric

CD Title: Star Being, Earth Child

Website: www.autumn-electric.com

Label: Independent Release (2015)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5



Seattle based Autumn Electric came together in 2008 and this is their fifth studio recording. The bandís Progressive Rock credentials have truly coalesced over their last two albums and certainly these twelve tunes run the gamut of proggy themes. Interestingly despite the subject nature of the album the overall mood is mostly major-chord and upbeat which to my ears makes for a nice change from so much drama of much of the Progressive Rock genre. Melody plays a big part in the bandís sound as they display a strong Art-Rock vibe reminiscent of bands such as Klaatu and 10CC mixed with more intricate musicianship that hearkens back to early Genesis. Many of these songs fade into one another but regardless of the length of an individual song, most of which hover in the four or five minute range, there are musical changes that take a composition from fast to slow, lush and grand to pastoral and moody. Musical virtuosity is certainly on display, but outright solos are kept to a minimum. Instead the music flows in and out of one musical theme to the next. There are times where that shift is dramatic and others where the mood is altered softly and seamlessly. The band calls this release more of a rock opera which explores the mythology of Star Beings and ancient visitors. In many respects Iím reminded of the band New Eden Orchestra at times. The music is intricate with complex arrangements that take the music from solo instruments through to layer upon layer of orchestration. The fact is these songs rarely stay in the same place for very long giving their compositions a musical variety that I found extremely pleasing and made for repeated listening. I really like the musical approach Autumn Electric have created and I look forward to future releases. Star Being Earth Child is a winner in my books.