Band: Gadi Caplan

CD Title: Morning Sun

Website: www.gadicaplanmusic.com

Label: Independent Release (2016)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5


This is album number three for Israeli born; Brooklyn based composer and guitarist Gadi Caplan. Morning Sun is a swift vinyl sized forty-two minutes centered around eleven amazing compositions. First let me say, I was not prepared for how wonderfully proggy this release was going to sound. Iíd checked out Caplanís previous release and found him to be a great guitarist and there certainly were a few interesting moments, but here: Wow! Borrowing somewhat from his promo material: While most new progressive rock is more metal based, Caplanís new album Morning' Sun' soars with the power of 70ís/rock, the complexities of Jazz, and the evolving nature of classical music. Which says a lot of what the music here sounds like. There is a very organic, almost unplugged feel to the proceedings even though everything is in fact plugged in. But because of this sense of space, listening to the music on Morning Sun you are actually drawn into the music where you can actually hear the many layers of instrumentation; where guitars offer up a pleasant lead line which is then countered by a keyboard, flute or other instrument. Songs weave in amongst multiple melody lines with more than a hint of jazzy Canterbury inspired performance. In fact there is a very strong Caravan or Greenslade feel that runs through the whole album from the vocals to the instrumental virtuosity. These tunes all betray a kind of quirky upbeat jazzy flair even if their delivery isnít in any way what you call happy. And like all good music you never know where a song is going to take you. Itís a powerful musical journey that incorporates both acoustic and electric guitars and naturally all the other usual suspects. Nothing here is overly long, although the last four songs constitute a four-part piece that clocks in at about ten-minutes. This is a wonderful albumÖI really like it a lot and Iíd heartily recommend it to fans of the jazzy Canterbury genre. There is much here to enjoy