Band: Armonite

CD Title: The Sun is New Each Day

Website: www.armonite.com   

Label: Independent Release (2016)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5


Armonite turns out to be the Italian duo of Jacopo Bigi (electric violin) and Paolo Fosso (keyboards, bass and drums) and the music they create on this introductory thirty-one minute recording is intriguing to say the least. At first listen you might be tempted to dismiss the proggy credentials on display here, but itís only upon repeated listening that you really get to have a feel for the level of complexity the duo incorporate into their music. There are nine instrumental compositions on the album and virtually all of them are a little over three minutes in length. The inevitable challenge with instrumental music is variety; itís always a trap to end up having the music sound too much the same and in this regard Armonite have risen to the challenge, mentally incorporating lyrical ideas that are then expressed musically. In the end it is the sounds be they, drums and violin, keyboards and violin, or whatever that are still left to audibly interpret those ideas and I must say there is certainly more than enough musical variety showing here. The electric violin being so distinctive in sound itís hard to escape hearing it as the dominant instrument, but even so the performance style is varied a lot throughout the albumís playing time. Both Bigi and Fosso are classically trained so the performance skill level is extremely high and it is inevitable that the music betrays a certain level in classical music influence, all of which lends a credible proggy foundation to the manner in which these tunes come across. Whether thatís through the drama presented, the ethnic flavor of some of the musical motifs or simply the sheer number of notes that are performed itís easy to see there is something important going on here. Highly recommended to fans of symphonic prog especially those inclined to favour the Italian Classical influence.