Band: Lee Abraham

CD Title: The Seasons Turn

Website: www.leeabraham.co.uk

Label: Festival Music (2016)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5


Ex-Galahad bassist Lee Abraham returns with his fifth studio recording and it’s a real winner. Calling once again on a rather eclectic cast of musicians and vocalists the albums five tracks are full of great proggy ideas and performances. Everything opens with the epic title track, “The Seasons Turn” [24:46]. After a very brief piano intro we’re treated to a series of grand anthemic crescendos which then subside bringing things down softly where some nice Mellotron styled chords are played prominently and then at about the four-minute mark it’s all change as the song’s major lead, melodic lines are given a rocking form. While vocals are present in various portions of this song, they’re actually kept to a minimum allowing for plenty of musicianship and musical change-ups. Brief solos from various instruments appear and disappear lending an ever changing musical landscape to the tune. All of these musical gymnastics are held together by a delicious melody and a recurring Mellotron line which makes recurring appearances. All in all it’s a winning tour-de-force which delivers a classic grand finale. Speaking of powerful endings, the album closes with another long piece, “The Unknown” [16:10] which again delivers the proggy elements. It starts with some strange sounds, softly spoken words off in the distance. The instruments are introduced one by one…guitar line, piano, vocals, until at the 1:50 mark everything comes in forcefully to introduce the song properly. The grand and majestic closing chords occur at the 13:00 mark leaving the song to sonically fade out over the remaining time. It’s truly a breathtaking piece. The three compositions in the middle tend to be a little more straight-forward but should not be overlooked. The opener and closer here are definitely worth the “price of admission” and the three remaining tracks provide some excellent bonus listening. Put together this is a wonderful release and certainly one that will appeal to Abraham’s fan base but also for all lovers of modern, melodic symphonic prog. You know who you are. Great stuff and highly recommended.