Band: Barock Project

CD Title: Vivo - Live in Concert

Website: www.barockproject.net

Label: Artalia Music (2016)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5


Vivo is the bandís fifth recording, following four in-studio CDs, and features two-discs with over two-hours of music including the closing unreleased studio track, ďMy Silent SeaĒ [9:15]. The promo material talks about how in many respects this release is a celebration of the bandís first ten-years of recording activity and in doing so it offers up a very comprehensive selection of music. Musically there are a number of sounds that jump out at me. First this is a modern, symphonic prog band that doesnít rely too heavily on Italian symphonic prog roots. There are certainly hints of that here, but they are all incorporated very cohesively into a prog style that is also reminiscent of mid-period Genesis. All of the songs included tend to be six-minutes or longer which in many respects allows for lots of opportunity for musical change-ups; these tunes are changing time and tempo regularly as well making significant stylistic changes. There is no questioning the classical influence and the jazzy performance style which shines through on every track. These are songs that come across as grand and panoramic with lots of musical flourishes and huge swells of music. Most of the vocals are in English with a vocalist whose tone and style remind me of the band Everon. There are times where Barock Project demonstrates their ability to rock-out pretty hard, although these moments tend to be used more for contrast and accent. These are relatively complex, heavily orchestrated compositions featuring lots of instrumental virtuosity seamlessly blending many different musical styles and motifs together in a very cohesive manner. Barock Project is the kind of band that will appeal to a wide cross section of prog fans from those who love and appreciate the classic Italian prog style to those who enjoy the modern Symphonic Prog approach. This is clearly a set of music that is easy to recommend.