Band: Aisles

CD Title: Hawaii

Website: www.aislesproject.com  

Label: Presagio Records (2016)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5


This is the fourth release from the Chilean Progressive Rock band Aisles and theyíve pulled out all the stops here. Hawaii is a double disc concept album with great graphics and music. The concept here is totally sci-fi taking place in a time when human colonies are way out in space following the destruction of earth. The story is told through twelve tracks seven of which are over six minutes long that incorporate a modern symphonic prog style. Deftly handling the balance between guitars and keyboards the interplay we hear over these compositions is quite amazing as are the musical transitions. Musical change-ups are everywhere incorporating the many elements that define Progressive Rock music. Songs are just what they need to be in terms of instrumentation and musical approach: sometimes itís a solo instrument and voice at other times its spacey electronic synthesizers and others time itís a great guitar riff. It would be impossible to listen to any one of these songs and not come to recognize this is what Prog is all about. The music itself is never overly complex just for the sake of complexity; instead the songs and the music are there to serve the story. The lyrics tell the story and the music creates the emotional atmosphere. Songs ebb and flow build in power and then subside. They go from slow melodic themes to swiftly transitioning into faster-paced musical passages. Everything here is connected; everything is in service of the concept, so even though there are shorter songs they all slide into one another. With music like this along with the bandís previous catalog of high quality releases itís easy to see why Aisles have become one of South Americaís most acclaimed Progressive Rock bands. Since their creation back in 2001 they have strived to push their writing skills and musical boundaries and in the process have delivered winning album after winning album. This latest, Hawaii is without question their best yet and comes highly recommended by me.