Band: Tiras Buck

CD Title: Stationed Here

Website: www.tirasbuck.com  

Label: Independent Release (2016)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5


This I believe is the second release from Tiras Buck and follows up on his album Songs for Parked Cars. Entitled Stationed Here it consists of five compositions, three long and two short all coming in at thirty-six minutes of music. Buckís musical approach is one that follows on artists such as Steve Thorne and Guy Manning, what I would call the singer-songwriter approach. As for what he actually sounds like, well think Pavlovís Dog and I mean that in a good way. There are actually four things that keep bringing me back to sonic reference point; 1) the general tone of Buckís voice is similar to David Surkamp, 2) the abundant use of acoustic guitar, 3) the earnestness in his vocal delivery and 4) the ever present Mellotron styled strings that are all over this disc. When itís all said and done, Tiras Buck has a very crafty hand at writing movingly sweet melodies; chorus lines that seem to work so well. Then he takes to repeating those lines over and over as the music builds in intensity creating a huge swell of emotionally powerful music. Itís hard to describe but this is music that starts soft and quiet and then finishes on a grand note. There arenít many musical change-ups; rather, Buck incorporates a proggy sensibility in his arrangement style and the drama that can be created by adding layers to the music. Its powerful stuff and I like it a lot. Just a word about the Mellotron. Many times others rely on the stabbing string and choral sounds to create dramatic moments, but Buck uses it in a very different fashion. Rather than relying on those ďicyĒ stabs he layers the string sounds throughout creating a softer, mellow orchestration, holding the chords to their maximum. Itís a nice touch. Combine that with his voice, his guitar and it all makes for a very pleasing listen, one that I highly recommend you check out.