Band: Dec Burke

CD Title: Book of Secrets

Website: www.decjburke.com

Label: Independent Release (2016)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5


Here is album number three in the solo career one Declan Burke who’s distinctive voice was once an important part of Gem Godfrey’s band Frost*. He left that band in 2009 to concentrate on his solo career. I for one am glad he continued to create music that easily falls into the Progressive Rock genre. Burke has one of the most interesting voices in Prog and it’s one of the things that I love so much about Book of Secrets. I say, just one of the things, because there is so much to like about this record. Clocking in at a mere thirty-nine minutes, these eight tunes, all about four or five minutes will be extremely satisfying to fans of bands such as Kino, It Bites and the afore mentioned Frost*. This isn’t prog of a complex nature, but rather it’s about crafting songs that incorporate familiar riffs and proggy motifs performed on familiar sounding instruments all making for music that is at once accessible to a wider audience. There is a “bigness” to these compositions, displaying a kind of impressive, majestic wall of sound as long sustained chords build each song’s intensity. Great sounding guitar lines bounce off a myriad of modern keyboard sounds all underpin Burke’s vocal delivery. Sounding totally contemporary and yet containing a myriad of proggy influences of days gone by, these songs are all very easy to listen and groove to. Your foot starts tapping pretty quickly and you will likely end up humming a line or two later in the day. Now that may be off putting to the more “snobby” elements in the prog world, but trust me, if you can move past that, I think you’ll find the music on Book of Secrets to be a very pleasing listening experience. Recommended!