Band: Burnt Belief

CD Title: Emergent

Website: www.facebook.com/burntbelief  

Label: Alchemy Records (2016)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5


The duo of Colin Edwin and Jon Durant, otherwise known as Burnt Belief are back with a new disc entitled Emergent, the second disc of what will eventually be a trio of releases inspired by “unspoken and hidden truths behind our daily reality.” The disc is a full fifty-six minutes in length made up of eight instrumental compositions. Musically Burnt Belief is very hard to pin down, not necessarily sounding much like anyone. Most of these songs are a little over six-minutes in length and each is crafted in a kind-of-mid-tempo feel exuding atmosphere made up not only of the guitar, bass and drums but also a myriad of ethereal sounds that intersperse these tunes. Lead melody lines are often created with sounds that might be a woodwind or a reed instrument and underneath it all is a very strong ethnic or Worldbeat vibe. The melody lines are often moody, dreamy, and almost other-worldly. Guitar and Bass lines weave in and out of these different “feels” keeping the proggy elements in play. The feel of the music is best described as smooth and yet there are many sonic experimental elements happening at the same time. They come and go and while no keyboards are listed there are plenty of keyboard sounds that pop up from time to time along with plenty of synth programming. These compositions are very subtle about their structural changes and arrangements, moving through different musical motifs or segments all the while keeping things blending or gelling together. If I had to pick a sonic reference point it would be some of the work of Rob Reed or perhaps Chimpan A. Overall Emergent is a very intriguing and satisfying listen. Nice.