Band: Ben Cameron Project

CD Title: A Cycle Never Ending

Website: www.thebencameronproject.com  

Label: Independent Release (2016)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5


The Ben Cameron Project are back with another album and right off the top I will tell you this is an amazing release for fans of Symphonic prog. If you like the music of bands such as IQ or Pendragon this album will be right up your alley.A Cycle Never Ending is Cameronís second album and features four tracks with forty-eight minutes of music. Like the bandís mentioned above, the compositions created by Cameron are multi-faceted works that feature widely divergent musical segments stitched together and held together by repeating musical themes or instrumental riff and motifs. So you end up with long sprawling compositions featuring lots of intricate instrumental passages linked together by melodic vocal passages. Cameron isnít the greatest of vocalists but heís gotten more assured since his last release and seems to be finding his place in that department. Some of the best vocal work comes about when he uses backing vocals in either a harmony or call-and-response fashion. Musically weíre talking about a variety of polyrhythmic patterns and styles that are arranged in a way that maintains an energetic momentum. More than just long and extended solos, there is a lot of instrumental trade-offs, all of which gives the music lots of variety and depth. The crowning glory of this release is of course the epic closing title track which runs to about twenty-four minutes, made up of many wonderfully symphonic moments. There is an added sense of musical maturity on this second release from The Ben Cameron Project and itís a great sound. All-in-all a great release and one that I strongly recommend fanís of the bandís mentioned above would do well to check out.