Band: Blind Ego

CD Title: Liquid

Website: www.blind-ego.com

Label: Gentle Art of Music (2016)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5


If you know me, you know Iím a big fan of the band RPWL. So this being the work of Kalle Wallner, the bandís guitarist I had high hopes and I was not to be disappointed. This is an absolutely great set of tunes. Liquid, his third solo release features nine compositions clocking in at an hoursí worth of music. Almost every song here is around six to eight minutes long providing plenty of room for each composition to rattle through a number of shifting permutations. Wallner being a guitarist you would expect that to be the prominent instrument and you would be right, but what I really liked was how his guitar, both electric and acoustic are often linked to some great electronic sounds. The combination of those powerful guitar chords with a variety of other textures hooked me in right off the bat. And each song seemed to just get better and better. RPWL are known for crafting some excellent melodies or hummable lines and Wallner is no slouch in that department as this album is littered with plenty of great melodic hooks that offer up a pleasing contrast to the sometimes angular instrumental soloing. And the use of three different lead-vocalists added a nice depth to the sound. There are elements of the RPWL sound that pop in here and there, which is to be expected given his distinct guitar sound and style but there are many other things brought to the party, things that donít show up with the band. It is after all a solo album and it allows the space for Wallner to expand on his musical expression. Trust me, if you like RPWL, youíll love this album too. If you are unfamiliar with either, if you like melodically driven rock with a lot of proggy arrangements you should check out Blind Egoís Liquid. Recommended.