Band: Eraldo Bernocchi & Prakash Sontakke

CD Title: Invisible Strings

Website: www.rarenoiserecords.com  

Label: RareNoise Records (2016)

Rating: Intriguing 2/5


In an ever changing world there is one thing we can rely on and that is that Rare Noise Records will discover new and unusual music. I realize Iím generalizing, but my point holds. Take for example the new musical release from well-known guitarists Eraldo Bernocchi and Prakash Sontakke. Entitled Invisible Strings this forty-eight minute musical excursion features one performing on various traditional guitars playing in harmony with the otherís Lap Steel guitars. The rhythm aspect of these compositions is handled quite capably with electronics: that includes bass, drums and keyboard like atmospheric textures. While explaining the guitar work would simply be redundant itís worth mentioning the emphasis here seems very much on the Lap Steel an instrument prog fans will be familiar with from its use by bands such as YES and Pink Floyd. Lap Steel is a guitar that came through the musical ranks from Hawaiian and Country music and is known for its soaring and wavy tones clinging to long-held notes. Itís a totally unique sound. Here in these nine instrumental compositions it is more often than not the lead instrument as these two guitarists perform in a kind of call and response fashion trading lead lines. These are melodic tunes all in the five or six minute range, not very long but certainly long enough to set up a mood, a feel, and atmosphere and there is plenty of that running throughout these pieces. The vibe is mostly mid-tempo low key, relaxed and moody, subdued even. There is a tendency by track six for the music to fall victim to sameness whereby you lose track of what song you are listening to as the overall musical feel starts to blend together. Still Iím sure guitarists more familiar than I with performance technique will hear the details of performance and composition far better than I ever would. Itís a very relaxing and pleasant listen, no question about that. With its unique and experimental sounds this is a disc that should appeal to prog fans even though a cursory listen that might not initially seem to be the case. Each follow-up listen will certainly uncover beautifully performed sounds hidden within the music. This is music worth spending some time with.