Band: Amber Foil

CD Title: An Invitation

Website: www.amberfoil.com

Label: Independent Release (2016)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5


Often times when I put on a new disc for the first time, Iím struck by how the music may take me to another place and even be reminiscent of music from another band in that place. Hey I know it sounds trippy, but there it is. None-the-less that was the case with the music of Portugalís Amber Foil on their debut EP entitled An Invitation. This is essentially the music of Joao Filipe. The EP consists of three tracks, a total of a mere twenty-one minutes but what this disc lacks in playing time is sure balanced by the quality of whatís there. To me this was dance of contrasts; it is simple, yet complex, it is nostalgic and yet modern, and so on. Naturally it has all the right hallmarks to identify it as classic symphonic Progressive Rock and in many respects I was reminded of some of the best Earth and Fire music in particular Celia Ramosí vocals, but also the way Mellotron sounds were used. The first track, an instrumental, is the longest at over ten-minutes and goes through many musical change-ups. A long introduction which includes the use of forest sounds and then winds its way through analog keyboard sounds and a mix of both acoustic and electric instruments. Track two, ďThe ForestĒ [6:34] features male and female vocals and it is the track that really reminded me of the Dutch band Earth and Fire in more ways than one. These compositions really flow along nicely, full of sweet melodies that are never labored over, they appear and then change only to return again later. It probably should be mentioned that the producer here is Manuel Cardoso from the seventies symphonic band Tantra. There is a real nice seventies vibe present on these three tracks and when it finished I wished there was more, itís just over much too soon. Itís great stuff and my hope is that weíll hear more from Amber Foil soon. Symphonic fans you should really check this out.