Band: Blackfield

CD Title: Blackfield V

Website: www.itband.tv  

Label: K-Scope Records (2017)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5



This is the fifth album for the collaborative efforts of Aviv Geffen and Steven Wilson known as Blackfield and like many of the other projects Wilson is involved in, such as with Tim Bowness, he leaves his indelible mark. Itís not always obvious, but itís there. There is always something about the music or projects Wilson gets involved with that seem to carry his trademark sounds. And to my ears thatís a good thing. As you would expect there are hints of the softer side of Porcupine Tree here and there but for the most part the music ofBlackfield is more lushly orchestrated and sweetly moving emotionally. The album is made up of thirteen songs, most of which fall in the three to four minute range. Make no mistake these are songs in the traditional sense of composition; verse/chorus/ etc. What makes all this music stand out from the pack is the detailed musical construction and arrangements. All of these songs in one way or another project a plaintive, melancholy feel, even the more aggressive ones. Itís also the kind of music that doesnít always go where you expect it too musically and this tickles the Broca part of our brains that likes regularity. That tickling of the brain then swells and draws you in as songs grow in sound and glory. That said, these are absolutely great songs with wonderful musicianship and sweetly hummable melodies. If your foot doesnít start tapping while listening I fear you might be brain dead. Now for all that expected mainstream construction there are many times, as I mentioned where songs take little detours and go to unexpected places musically. Bottom line is, this is great stuffÖevery song is a winner in some way. So I have no recourse but to say Blackfield V is Highly Recommended to prog fans not afraid of something a little more mainstream.