Band: Barock Project

CD Title: Detachment

Website: www.barockproject.net

Label: Artalia Records (2017)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5



Not counting their live release, this is Barock Projectís fifth studio recording and a fine release it is! This Italian quartet create a kind of busy and intricate symphonic flavoured Progressive Rock that borrows heavily from Baroque and jazzy influences. The music incorporates plenty of acoustic elements as well providing some effective and dynamic contrasts. Add to this instrumentation some warm melodies and to my ears itís a winning combination. Each song adds something new to the mix and as the album proceeds through the thirteen compositions, itís almost as if each one gets better than the last. Every-so-often there is more of an emphasis on that Baroque aspect creating a kind of medieval flavor that is supported by flutes and appropriate harpsichord styled keyboards. Many of these songs are mid-length, seven minutes or longer so there are plenty of opportunities for the music to shift in time, tempo and dynamics, but more than that there is a majestic flow to these musical change-ups. Songs start soft and introspective, only to go through a few musical changes and then build to grand proportions and then after an intricate solo here and another there the tune will subtly slide into another direction entirely. Itís all great stuff. I will say that guest vocalist Peter Jones is more than up for the task and adds a lot to these tunes. He is a fantastic vocalist and a welcome addition to the Barock Project sound even if it is on a temporarily basis. The same should be said for the briefer vocal contributions from Alex Mari and Ludovica Zanasi. Thereís a total of seventy-four minutes of music on this disc, and Iím really glad for that because there is so much great music here to sift through. This is great stuff and comes Highly recommended.