Band: Brother Ape

CD Title: Karma

Website: www.brotherape.com  

Label: FREIA Music (2017)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5



This is the third album Iíve had the opportunity to hear from the Swedish trio known as Brother Ape but in fact itís the bandís seventh release. As the story goes, these guys started out with a simple heavy sound in their early days but were challenged to find their musical raison díetre and in doing so they challenged themselves and began writing in a more Progressive fashion. Their musical approach incorporates influences such as A.C.T. Saga and Muse alongside more jazzy outfits like Weather Report. The end result of these influences is a powerful sound that loves a groovy riff but embellishes everything with a boat load of complex layers of other sounds; everything from symphonic strings to brilliant metal influenced riffs. These elements are knitted together with a vocal style that is clear distinct and passionate without ever over-reaching. Given the influences I mentioned earlier, itís not unusual for these eight songs to be brimming some wonderful melodies crafted in songs that have a pronounced foot-tapping vibe. Where Brother Ape stand out is that theyíre never locked into doing the same thing musically all the way through the song, short or long, theyíre quite happy to shift things up musically in dramatic fashion. Itís like youíre suddenly listening to some outrageously infectious Progressive Rock without even seeing it come around the corner. I love the musical style of Brother Ape. In some ways I guess they also remind me of bands such as Beardfish. I really like the music these guys create and for that reason I highly recommend it to Prog fans everywhere.