Band: The Bridge

CD Title: The Bridge

Website: http://musicthebridge.com/

Label: Reflexion Records (2017)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



The Bridge is a quintet based in Chile that came together in 2010 to make Progressive Rock music. This, their first album has been in the making since 2011, when it was originally recorded. It was them performed live over the next couple years before finally getting mastered late last year. The self-titled album is a concept piece as described on their website: how you must use masks and not be you to get success, and lose the real you. At the end, you find the inside power to release from the fake mask and just be you… a beautiful yourself. We’re looking at seven tracks in total clocking in at right around forty-five minutes. A few of the songs come in a little over six minutes but the whole thing closes with the epic-length, four-part title track that’s a whopping seventeen minutes. I was most pleased to hear three things in particular while listening to The Bridge; 1) plenty of acoustic guitar, 2) great melodies and 3) just the right amount of crunchy heavy guitar. Setting aside that final track, the music here isn’t overly complex, the band leave their prog inspiration to shine through in more subtle musical change-ups that have more to do with arrangements. There are shifts in time and tempo but everything tends to be in service of the song and because the music tends to slide from one-track into the other you do get a sense of changing dynamics taking place. All of which brings us to that closing song “The Bridge” made up as I said of four-parts where all the things I like about The Bridge comes together. Here earlier musical themes are repeated as the albums’ ideas come together. Musical riffs are repeated growing in intensity ala “Starship Trooper” and the song reflects the band at their most symphonically oriented. It’s a big song with a huge sound as the band save their best for the end. I will say that I was a little hesitant about The Bridge when I took my first listen, but the more time I spent with their music the more I was able to appreciate the work. This is obviously a debut and as such holds out a lot of promise for these guys. Great first time effort and I’d recommend we all keep an eye out for future music from The Bridge.