Band: Bubblemath

CD Title: Edit Peptide

Website: www.bubblemath.com   

Label: Cuneiform Records (2017)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



Right off the top, let me say that Minneapolis based Bubblemath fall into the category of – not very prolific at all! Their earliest roots go back to 1995 with everything really coming together in 1998. Their first album came out in 2001 and this is their second release. You see what I mean, two albums in twenty years. In fact there are a couple songs here that I first heard when I saw the band live at CalProg in 2005. Now none of this should be seen a bad or troubling, just interesting. If you’ve not had the opportunity hear the music of Bubblemath think Echolyn meshed with Frank Zappa. Seriously. The band have an uncanny knack for creating music that smacks of both those influences, musically, vocally and instrumentally you will detect a strong Echolyn vibe. The Zappa influences lies more on the lyrical side and perhaps the band’s visual approach. There’s a total of sixty-three minutes of music on the disc, eight compositions most of which are mid-length or longer. Feel wise, it’s like riding a rollercoaster, up and down, spinning around in circles, hang-time and inverted loops…again…seriously! And like riding a rollercoaster you finish and you love it and want to do it all over again. While listening it’s a workout because this is busy music, loaded with notes, loaded with musical change-ups all knitted together with some great melodic bits here and there. The music of Bubblemath won’t be for everyone. I recall one older prog fan at CalProg found their music to be simply too complex and showy. You’re never going to please everyone. And while I didn’t disagree with this fan, I found listening to the music in context on this CD that I really fell in love with their sound. I thought one way about the band after seeing them live, but have a new found appreciation for the music on Edit Peptide. I love it. Challenging, sure but loads of fun too. Recommended.