Band: Il Ballo delle Castagne

CD Title: Soundtrack for an Unreleased Herzog Movie

Website: https://ilballodellecastagne.bandcamp.com/

Label: SPQR Records (2015)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



This relatively new Italian outfit, they came together in 2007, released this album back in 2015 but only recently sent it my way and having reviewed a couple of their previous releases I wanted to say a few words about this fourth album entitled Soundtrack for an Unreleased Herzog Movie. Musically the band has pushed themselves in a few new and different directions with this release taking on a more cinematic approach to their style of composition Ė this is after all as the title explains supposed to be a soundtrack. That being the case there are many different kinds of musical approaches on display all intended to support visuals that were never seen. The first track for example is a haunting, moody piece featuring ethereal female vocals singing in choral fashion over harpsichord styled keyboards and harp like runs. Itís all dreamy and pastoral. Then the next piece is instrumental and features different sounding keyboard runs over top of spacey synthesizer soundscapes all of which then slides into an Eastern vibe with tabla and sitar sounds. The third track, all of the compositions by the way are on the long-ish side six to ten minutes, features the Eastern sounds again, with softly spoken words but as the song progresses is gets more emphatic and more intense. And so it goes. There are a lot of acoustic sounds featured throughout these compositions along with a sprinkling Mellotron here and there as well. It must be remembered that this album is intended to be a soundtrack to a movie so these compositions are structured to follow or create moods and feelings rather simply be nice hummable pop tunes. That said this music as expected fits very well within the classic Italian symphonic Progressive Rock style and if that is your genre of choice I heartily recommend you check out this latest release from Il Ballo della Castagne. I donít think youíll be disappointed.