Band: Christiaan Bruinsí Inventions

CD Title: Meta

Website: www.inventions-music.com    

Label:  FREIA Music (2017)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



For those of you who donít know, Christiaan Bruins is the drummer of the band Sky Architect. This disc,Meta is his second solo project and consists of a total of fifteen tracks, four of which are counted as bonus material, mostly just edited versions. Clearly more than just a drummer, multi-instrumentalist Bruins created this album from a series of videos and songs that in some way explain his creative process not that any of that seems to come through the music. What we do hear however are some rather fascinating tunes that sound like The Alan Parsons Project mixed with the French band AIR. Most of the songs are about four minutes long, heavily orchestrated, lushly symphonic most with vocals. Here and there we hear spoken old word passages relating to a future that we now live in. Thatís kindaí cool actually. The Parsonís feel is exemplified in the melodically, structured compositions that hint of prog in their symphonic approach mixed at times with electronic synth sounds. The AIR vibe shines through in the vocals and vocal arrangements layered against synthy styled audioscapes. You notice this the most in a song like ďThe Tuning TestĒ [4:15]. The last two tracks on this disc are the longest, 6:18 and 8:47 and here the compositional structure is more of the melodic ebb and flow rather than any kind of starts and stops or dramatic shifts in structure. This is a very smooth and flowing set of music and any drama that exists is experienced more subtly through the multiple layers of arrangements appearing and then disappearing. I found the music on Meta to be quite satisfying. Itís a pleasant listening experience and one I found I could go back to over and over again, each time hearing some I didnít the last time. If the music of Alan Parsons and AIR appeal to your musical sensibilities, Iím pretty sure youíll love the music on display here. Or you might just want to throw caution to the wind and take a chance.