Band: Caligulaís Horse

CD Title: In Contact

Website:  www.caligulashorse.com  

Label:  InsideOut Records (2017)

Rating: Satisfying 3/5



Caligulaís Horse are from Australia and In Contact is the bandís fifth studio album. At one hour in playing time the ten compositions range in length from as short as just over two minutes to as long as a little over fifteen. Most will describe their music as Progressive Metal and for the most part that would not be wrong. This quintet features twin guitarists, bass, drums and a dedicated vocalist and while no one is listed as performing on keyboards I hear what could be keyboards providing the sonic thickening of many of the bandís dramatic grand swells of music. What I find attractive about the music created by Caligulaís Horse is the juxtaposition of crunchy guitar riffs over softer almost ethereal vocals. Itís a nice contrast and keeps the music from just becoming a grind. Naturally there are plenty of times where the rhythm guitar is delivering the bottom heavy distorted riffing while the other guitar is delivering searing higher register lead lines. All this is happening while the rhythm section is pounding away with a hyper intensive drive. Fortunately itís not all aggressive bombast. (Iím talking about you ďWillís SongĒ [4:43]) A good number of these tunes display a much softer more melodic side of the band and to my ears it is that yin and yang that determines how much I will like of a heavier band. Perhaps more than just the soft versus aggressive aspects itís what they do during each of these song segments and here the band seem quite capable of moving away from the Prog Metal genre into more panoramic, almost symphonic areas and itís for that reason Iím going to recommend the band. This is not only music that will appeal to those who love the more aggressive heavier side of the prog genre but thereís lots of other musical feels to appreciate as well. They say never to judge a book by its cover or in this case a band by just one stylistic description. Very nice stuff.