Band: Bass Invaders

CD Title: Bass Invaders

Website:  https://bassinvadersband.bandcamp.com

Label:  Independent Release (2017)

Rating: Intriguing 2/5



This is the latest and self-titled release for the band Bass Invaders. Now over the years Iíve seen many different or unusual band instrumentation line-ups; bass and drums, guitar and drums, keyboards and drums, but Bass Invaders is a first for me. This is a band from Kentucky consisting of THREE bass guitars and a drummer! Now, I know what youíre saying, wouldnítí that be a bit limiting in sound? And the reality is, not so much. Each of the bassists has their instrument tuned and performed in upper, middle and lower sonic ranges and while the sound tends to emphasize the bottom-end there is plenty of range. Itís never muddy and you hear a surprising number of intriguing solo lead lines in every track. Speaking of which there are nine instrumental compositions on the disc, some as short as four-minutes and some as long as seven all clocking in at about forty-three minutes playing time. Regardless of the tunes length though, each goes through a number of segmented change-ups or to put it another way itís not unusual for a tune to start with one solid riff and end with another, while making a number of instrumental detours along the way. Itís a kind of music built on riffs, but lots of them all of which makes for some fascinating music. Strangely the music comes off as being aggressive, without being overly heavy. Itís intense, full of four people playing their instruments to the max. Nobody takes a back seat here. Thereís no one that sounds like these guys although if you require a sonic reference point Iíd point perhaps to the Discipline orThraak period of King Crimson and that might prepare you for the sound of Bass Invaders. Intriguing music thatís really worth a listen. Check them out at the link above.