Band: 4SíD

CD Title: Man or Muffin

Website:  www.4sd.biz

Label:  Hobart Records (2017)

Rating: Intriguing 2/5



The Muffins are one of those legendary American Avant-Prog outfits that defied contemporary trends by creating Canterbury influenced prog way back in the seventies. Their last release appeared in 2012. But things change, people move and technology throws a few wrinkles our way. Somethings we can adapt toÖothers things not so much. That in a nutshell is what brings us to 4SíD a musical project brought into existence by three of the four Muffins entitled Man or Muffin. The fifty-minutes of music on this disc is made up of twelve compositions all generally in the three, four or five-minute range. You would be correct in assuming it sounds a lot like the Muffins still retaining that adventurous, envelope-pushing RIO, Canterbury feel. These are mostly instrumental compositions that feature odd contrapuntal tempos, polyphonic melodies, horns, and a host of unexpected or down-right unusual musical change-ups. Itís these types of musical ideas that will appeal to fans of bands like EGG, Hatfield and the North, Matching Mole and ďinsert your favorite here.Ē Granted itís not everyoneís cup-of-tea but it is good music: well put together and well played and there are plenty of moments where the music comes together in such a satisfying way. This is the kind of music I put on and am pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy it. Itís a little more off-beat than what I usually listen to and in that regard it pushes me to listen and appreciate music thatís a just a tiny bit harder to digest. And thatís a good thing.