Band: Il Cerchio díOro

CD Title: Il Fuoco sotto la Cenere

Website:  https://myspace.com/ilcerchiodoro

Label:  Black Widow Records (2017)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5



Il Cerchio díOro are a band that came into being in the early seventies in Italy during that initial spurt of symphonic prog styles outfits although they never managed to get a record deal and none of their early prog stuff was ever heard. Instead, it was a batch of more mainstream and disco singles that surfaced years after theyíd split up. It wasnít until the release of Il Viaggio di Columbo in 2008 that the bandís Progressive Rock credentials were heard in full glory. That was followed up by 2013ís Dedalo E Icaro and now this latest release. At long last this band can sit proudly on their proggy material that is both nostalgic in terms of musical approach and yet contemporary in every sense. In fact thatís one of the things I really like about them. They constantly surprise me with their musical compositions. Three of these seven tunes are longer while the other four are just under six minutes in length. Itís the kind of music that features lots of musical change-ups with keyboards and guitars all trading lead lines. In some cases songs start with some fast-paced dramatic staccato instrumentation which then comes to a halt leaving room for Mellotron styled soft strings to come into play while vocals are introduced and then all that changes after the first verseÖand so it goes. Really cool stuff. At one moment I feel taken back to the early seventies with the way the vocals are sung and they keyboards or guitar lay out a lead line and then just as smoothly Iím brought back into the here and now listening to some great symphonic progressive rock. This is obviously music that will hold appeal to those classic bands such as RDM, Il Volo and Locanda Della Fate. Needless to say, if you are a fan this is an album you need to check out. Highly recommended and great to see a band find their musical footing after so many years. Another great release from Il Cerchio díOro!