Band: Aurganic

CD Title: Distant Echoes & Close Encounters

Website:  https://aurganic.bandcamp.com/

Label:  Independent Release (2017)

Rating: Great Stuff 4/5



This two-years-in-the-making project is the third album for the duo known as Aurganic. Made up of two long-time friends, both of who spent time in punk rock bands in their early days however Distant Echoes & Close Encounters is light years away from that rough and tumble genre. These nine compositions are stellar examples of what I would call Art Rock infused with all kinds of Proggy embellishments, and I mean even some very obscure proggy motifs. I’m reminded of bands like Red Seven, Ambrosia and Tears for Fears. In fact the vocals especially remind of Tears for Fears. I love their clean and warm vocal style. All songs hover between the three and five minute range, which given their compositional style allows them to insert lots of musical change-ups keeping even the shortest pieces inventive and always changing. I like everything about this record. It’s not the most complex but what it lacks in that department is more than made up for with some creative arrangements and spectacular instrument layering. Infused into each tune are some wonderful, hummable melodies that are contrasted with intriguing bridges and middle-eights, transitions that go a long way to building a song’s tension and drama whereby a return to the chorus provides such pleasing resolution.Aurganic is a great discovery and these guys sure deserve to heard by a wider audience. They’re doing everything right musically in my book and I’m giving them a “high-five” recommendation.