Band: Lee Abraham

CD Title: Colours

Website:  http://leeabraham.co.uk/

Label:  F2 Music Release (2017)

Rating:  Good, but very mainstream sound



Here we go with album number six for Lee Abraham and its entitled Colours and I have to be right up front with you I wasnít gob-smacked like I was with his previous release. There are times in every musical career, Iíve seen this happen before, where the collection of songs you are working with donít share the same impact as a previous set. Thereís a good number of reason for this happening, donít know what they are it just does and that seems to be the case here. Everything about this record is ďfineĒ.  Itís well played, well produced, well written, well sung, there nothing ďbadĒ about itÖand yet, unlike the excellentThe Seasonís Turn that I raved about, Colours is just kind of ordinary. The fact is Abraham even made it a goal to create a record that was a little more AOR in its sound. So in that respect I think he accomplished the task. There are seven tunes most sung by different vocalists giving a nice varied approach. Song wise the style is quite mainstream, think Barclay James Harvest at their least proggy time. Itís good stuff just not overly exciting. I will say some of the anthemic melodies, particularly in my favorite song ďFind Another WayĒ [7:07] with its appropriately warbley Mellotron strings is quite pleasing and I found myself singing that chorus for days and days. So if that was the desired approach in crafting this set of tunes, itís worked! Colours wonít be my favorite Lee Abraham album but itís still a pleasing listen.