Band: The Bridge

CD Title: Live and Mirrors

Website: http://musicthebridge.com/

Label: Reflexion Records (2018)

Rating: More to appreciate seeing them live!



A while back I reviewed the first CD release from the Chilean quintet known as The Bridge and not wasting anytime here they are with their first live Blu-ray Video release. Recorded live in a small club this is actually quite a good document of the band’s live performance. It’s intimate and casual, without any grand pretense, the band are on stage and it looks like they’re having lots of fun making music. Speaking of music, The Bridge tend to get lumped into the Prog-Metal crowd, but as I indicated in the previous review and perhaps more clearly viewed here, they can and do create music of a much wider prog spectrum. There are certainly times where the music gets tough and crunchy, but it easily transitions into other more melodic segments. Oftentimes the music builds to grand swells of music so there’s even a touch of symphonic prog evident. The keyboards are put to good use throughout. For the small size of the venue I was surprised at the number of cameras capturing the music, the performance never gets boring or static. For the record the performance is just over an hour in length and features nine selections including the complete four-part “The Bridge” and three previously unreleased tracks, so it’s a wonderful cross section of the band’s varied style. In the end The Bridge is a band that should appeal to lovers of Prog Metal as well as heavy Prog and perhaps even symphonic prog. There’s a little bit of something for everyone. The sound is great, as are the images so I have to say this is a stellar first time video release for The Bridge.