Band: Autumn Moonlight

CD Title: Passengers

Band Website: www.autumnmoonlight.com.ar

Label: Independent Release (2018)

Rating: Excellent follow-up to their last album


Here we go with the third independent release from the Argentinian duo known as Autumn Moonlight and I guess you could say itís a project thatís been six years in the making, following up on their 2012 release Alter Reality.  As on that release this is the creative efforts of two very talented musicians: Mariano Spadafora and Tomas Barrionuevo who together create instrumental music that incorporates some old and some new sounds to land quite closely to the symphonic progressive rock side of things al-be-it with a decided heavier slant. Thereís a total of forty-five minutes of music on Passengers, eight compositions that feature some great guitar work that never overtakes the sound, even when it gets good and crunchy. Speaking of which to my ears thereís a little more crunch this time around and it suits the music well because of the many contrasting moments. In fact the time between releases seems to have served the duo well as all these tunes have a stronger cohesiveness and a more assured performance on display. Getting back to the contrasting elements. All eight compositions display plenty of musical change-ups, going from fast to slow, spacious to dense and pastoral to aggressive and the shifting around of moods and atmospheres really charges all the music on Passengers with such appeal. Weíre treated to grand crashing guitar chords that build into electronic interjections that then flow directly into symphonic waves of keyboards. There is a lot to appreciate and enjoy here on Passengers and itís so varied it never gets boring. Great stuff Ė I like it a lot. Once again a solid recommendation for fans of instrumental prog.