Band: Bomber Goggles

CD Title: Gyreland

Website: https://bombergoggles.bandcamp.com

Label: Melodic Revolution Records (2018)

Rating: This is an excellent Camel-styled concept album


The trio of Peter Matuchniak, Steve Bonino and Vance Gloster along with drummer Jimmy Keegan make up the band Bomber Goggles and Gyreland is their first release and I have to say what a fine release it is. It’s a full sixty-minutes of music split into thirteen compositions all around three, four or just over five-minutes in length. Made up of a combination of vocals and instrumentals the sound is uniquely their own but will likely remind you of bands like Camel or perhaps Barclay James Harvest. These are melodic tunes filled will all manner of Proggy embellishments. Oh and did I mention, it’s a concept album that tells the tale of a world consumed by plastic, and while some of the lyrics are, as the British might say, a little “too on the nose” there is no getting away from the bounty of great musical ideas sprinkled throughout. Brilliant melodic lines and smooth harmonies combine with some very inventive musical change-ups, again think of Camel for the general idea of the musical direction. We’re treated to a very balanced mix of keyboard and guitar lead lines all supported by a solid rhythm foundation offered up by the bass and drums. The performance is spot-on as is the overall production and sound that is full, even lush at times. There’s even a bit of flute here and there! All-in-all this was an hour well spent listening to some very fine music. I liked it a lot. Well worth checking out.