Band: Burntfield

CD Title: Hereafter

Website: www.burntfield.com 

Label: Progressive Gears Records (2018)

Rating: Great Harmonies, Warm and Engaging Approach to Prog


This is the first studio album Finish band Burntfield. Now based in Amsterdam this quartet craft a warm, melodic and harmony filled musical package that while not overtly Prog still hits many of the right notes and will be of more than a little interest to fans of melodic prog. Dare I say people like me? The album starts off with a short and somewhat melancholy violin piece that sounds more soft-country-rock than anything else and then we launch into the first proper song with some nice guitar crunch, and vocals that hint at bands like The Eagles or Crosby Stills and Nash mixed with a lot of Barclay James Harvest. Yes, there is a hint of roots music that pervades the forty-five minutes of music on the disc and it works really well giving Burntfield a unique sound-style. As the songs get longer, the band’s proggy compositional chops come into play as they start building tunes that are more varied and complex. Their distinguishing trademarks are some beautiful harmonies and that shows up over and over including some attractive call-and-response vocal patterns. String sounds show up here and there adding a warm depth to songs as they build in structure from soft and inviting introductions to grander, sweeping musical vistas, then it always comes back to core melodies. I have to say I was really won over by Burntfield’s warm engaging approach to prog. They have a very pleasant and unique style and I think they’re a great addition to the melodic prog pantheon. I encourage you to head to their website and give them a few listens. I think they just might win you over too.