Band: Corde Oblique

CD Title: Back Through the Liquid Mirror

Website: www.cordeoblique.com  

Label: Independent Release (2018)

Rating: Satisfying Folk-Prog for those who like their music un-plugged



This is a set of songs from the bandís past, but performed in new and vibrant arrangements, in a live setting that captures the live energy but delivers high-quality studio sound. This Italian sextet creates a kind of Folk-Prog with hints of World-Beat influences. Much of what is performed on these eleven compositions comes from acoustic instruments so there is a very unplugged, organic feel to the CDís fifty-three minutes of music. Virtually all of these songs are in the four or five minute range, but with that said there are plenty of musical change-ups that make the compositions much more than just traditional balladry. And thatís where the Prog influence shines brightest. Songs will start with long meandering introductions before wandering off in other directions. Musical solos, bridges and instrumental sections all highlight a devotion to creating music of complexity while maintaining a warm and pastoral emotional vibe, which is not to say that the music is devoid of energetic and dynamic moments. This is especially true of the instrumentals. Classical guitar and violin are prominent throughout which should tell you a lot about the overall musical vibe. My guess is that Corde Oblique is a band that will appeal to lovers of Fotheringay, Fairport Convention and Clannad. If that sounds like you, I urge you to check out Back Through the Liquid Mirror.