Band: Ancient Veil

CD Title: Ring of EarthlyÖLive

Website:  www.ancientveil.it/en/

Label:  Lizard Records (2018)

Rating: A Truly Wonderful Symphonic Prog Listening Experience



Itís hard for me to believe that this is only the third album Ancient Veil, a band that formed way back in 1985 originally calling themselves Eris Pluvia before changing their name in 1995. And on top of that itís a live album. While the band is officially a trio consisting Alessandro Serri (vocals, electric, acoustic, classical and twelve strings guitars, electric bass, flute, oboe, piano, synth, Hammond organ & moog), Edmondo Romano (soprano sax, clarinets, low whistle, sopranino soprano & alto recorder, French bagpipe) and Fabio Serri (piano, moog, Hammond organ, synth) they are joined on stage by two other performers to complete the sound. The music of Ancient Veil is a very mature and polished take on the symphonic genre incorporating the various stylistic elements of Folk, Jazz and Classical music. Sweetly moving at times, incorporating a soft Medieval-acousticĖsound that is infused with brief angular or dissonant musical displays. Itís all blended masterfully and performed skillfully. This is music that sounds very accomplished and satisfying. Because of the flutes, reeds and acoustic guitars there are plenty of hints of the style made popular by early Genesis; lots of long-ish songs that melodically shift from one song segment to the next all the while pushing forward plenty of melodic and moving moments. Included in this live performance, although I will say itís hard to hear this as a live show given the sound is so good, is the bandís 1991 epic ďRings of Earthly Light [17:37] which is a real treat. If you are a fan of classic Symphonic Prog I highly recommend you grab hold of this disc. Itís a truly wonderful listening experience.