Band: Argos

CD Title: Unidentified Dying Objects

Website:  https://argos.bandcamp.com/album/unidentified-dying-objects

Label:  Bad Elephant Music (2018)

Rating: Great Set of Tunes…Top Ten Material!



Unidentified Dying Objects is the band’s follow-up to their 2015 release A Seasonal Affair and essentially picks up where that release left off. Fans of the Peter Hammill or Kevin Ayers vocal style and a decidedly Canterburian Prog approach will find much to enjoy with this forty-eight minute set of seven tunes. The album features two longer songs, one seven and half the other an epic of almost nineteen minutes and then includes five others that run just around five minutes each. Overall there’s a nice blend of melodic lyrical lines mixed with extended instrumental passages moving songs emotionally one way or the other. Then besides some very delicious complex Proggy vibes they insert a tune like “Unpainted Dreams” [4:12] and “Days of Perky Pat” [4:07] which in many respects represents Caravan at their early psychedelic best. Other tunes stay closer to the mainstream Progressive Rock style but I love the fact they include a variety of musical influences and execute them so well. But it must be said that even in the shorter tunes here, the musical performance level is very high. These are far from “throw-away” songs. In addition to those of you who profess a love of the Canterbury sound I would also recommend Argos to fans of Symphonic Prog such as IQ and even Spock’s Beard as they have a lot in common musically there as well. It’s a very unique sound these days and one that clearly ensures Argos will make my Top Ten list for 2018. Great stuff and highly recommended.