Band: Blurred Turtle

CD Title: Blurred Turtle

Band Website: https://blurredturtle.bandcamp.com/releases

Label: Independent Release (2018)

Rating: Wonderfully Eclectic Keyboard Prog!


Blurred Turtle is the instrumental music of UK multi-instrumentalist Tim Brown. On this follow-up to his 2012 release Pleasure Strike Brown continues his exploration of keyboard and guitar composition creating music that veers from dramatic cinematic explorations to more Pomp-inspired Progressive Rock. These are all short, mostly three-minute musical explorations offering up plenty of proggy goodness, i.e. musical change-ups, fast-to-slow, unusual chord structures, grand musical build-ups and majestic resolutions. In between all of this “bigness” are many softer, introspective moments providing a nice contrast. So we get a little bit of everything here and it really does sound very good. My guess is this is music that will appeal to fans of other keyboard players in the vein of Rick Wakeman, especially his early albums like No Earthly Connection or King Arthur. This is the kind of instrumental keyboard album that has a wide cross-over appeal because while it displays a fair bit of healthy experimentation it’s all crafted in a manner that tends to stick close to the melodic tree. These are first and foremost great sounding tunes. As far as keyboard albums go, Tim Brown concocts music just the way I like it. So if you share my appreciation for keyboard styled prog the music of Blurred Turtle should find a welcomed spot in your music library. As before this is music well worth checking out.