Band: Curious Grace & Black Rabbit

CD Title: World on Fire

Website:  https://curiousgrace.com

Label:  Independent Release (2018)

Rating: A Quite likable Art Rock package



I have to say this is a rather intriguing release. Chicago based Curious Grace & Black Rabbit are a six member outfit that make music that is, shall we say, somewhat unique; part Art Rock, part Progressive Rock and part dance hall show tunes. The core of the band is the husband and wife songwriting duo of Tom and Mary Erangey who have surrounded themselves with four other talented performers. Much is made of the band’s Irish heritage and a quick scan of the song list where words like Gaelic, Feeney and Duffy show up certainly seems to bear that out. Not that you can detect that influence very obviously other than in a few places such as the song “Laura Feeney” [4:49] but even here it’s all wrapped up within a lilting rock package. What you do hear are songs that are influenced by everything from British rock of the seventies and eighties to subdued Blues Rock. The songs are all well under five minutes in length, but with many connected to one another the album’s overall sound comes off as much grander than you might expect. They’re telling a big story. With so many different, off the wall influences on display, there are times where I was reminded of albums like Meatloaf’s Bat Our of Hell. Perhaps this was due in part by the strong male and female lead vocals. But whatever, World on Fire presents itself very well within the Progressive Rock tent and I think will hold plenty of appeal to fans who enjoy the lyrical story-telling side of the genre, songs that are supported by some very clever arty instrumental performance. This is definitely a band to keep an eye on and certainly something you might want to check out. Enjoy it…I know I did.