Band: Roland Buhlmann

CD Title: Bailenas

Band Website: www.rolandbuelmann.bandcamp.com

Label: Independent Release (2017)

Rating: A Healthy Dose of Prog Makes this an Intriguing Release


Multi-instrumentalist Roland Buhlmann got in touch with me and provided a copy of his second CD release entitled Bailenas which he released in 2017. While hes new to me his musical style is certainly familiar incorporating elements of Progressive Rock, Chamber Prog, a little Fusion and what is commonly called Post Rock. All these styles are put in a blender within these five instrumental compositions to clock in at fifty-minutes of music including a closing eighteen-minute epic track. Buhlmann handles all the instruments except drums and percussion where hes selected samples from several different performers. Just for the record, his primary instrument of choice is the guitar. Theres a lot of music here that will certainly appeal to a wide range of Prog fans. Buhlmann creates music that is quite complex in its compositional style and arrangements and is equally intricate in its instrumental performance. Every so often parts of these tunes comes close what might be called Avant Prog where dissonance and angularity reside, but the music rarely overstays its welcome in those dark corners, choosing instead to move back into the confines of places more melodic and instrumentally progressive. All that said, this is music that works better if given full attention rather than played as background. And if you pay attention, the payoff is very satisfying. Its a unique stylistic approach and I found myself enjoying it more and more with each listen. Roland Buhlmann makes some really intriguing prog music and is well worth checking out.