Band: Citizen K

CD Title: III

Band Website: www.facebook.com/citizenk.sweden  

Label: Paraply Records (2018)

Rating: A Marvelous Set of Arty-Proggy-Pop Tunes


You just know I have a soft-spot for Psychedelic Prog Pop music and some of the best I’ve heard recently comes from the Swedish multi-instrumentalist Klas Qvist who goes by the name Citizen K. This is album number three for him and simply going by the name III. It is made up of twelve tunes anywhere from three to five minutes in length rounding out to a total of forty-eight minutes. Things start off with the brilliant instrumental “Welcome Aboard” [3:08] which slides directly into the next tune “True Companions” [3:03] and so it goes with a number of these compositions transitioning into the next. The promo material really hits the nail on the head when it says these are Beatles and Beach Boys inspired songs and as I listened through the whole set I was reminded of many familiar tropes, be it a melody line, a vocal approach, a certain instrument style or sound and so on. This familiarity, far from being off-putting I felt was heartwarming and endearing. So much of what I heard had a ring of familiarity and yet here it was composed and arranged in a new and thoroughly engaging manner. Such is the musical approach of Citizen K. On top of all that good stuff, we are also treated to a couple of instrumentally inclined Proggy inspired tunes that change things up a bit. The music ofCitizen K has much to recommend it and my guess is if you like the music of The Beatles, Brian Wilson, 10cc and XTC you’ll love what you hear on III. This is a marvelous musical experience and fans of Arty-Proggy-Pop music should rush out and pick this one up. It’s just lovely.