Band: Xavier Boscher

CD Title: Eternity

Website: www.xavierboscher.com

Label: Independent Release (2018) 

Rating: Well Crafted Guitar Album with Proggy Overtones


This is the latest release from French multi-instrumentalist Xavier Boscher and its entitledEternity. By way of background, Boscher has been involved in making music since 1999 in a variety of genres, but the label thatís mostly attached to his work is Progressive Metal. Heís worked in bands, provided guitar work for others and has created his own solo material. Itís the last aspect that this release falls into. On Eternity heís the mastermind, the performer and the producer Ė itís all him. Clocking in at a total of thirty-eight minutes these eight instrumental compositions run anywhere from three to just under seven minutes but I would not call this a Prog Metal album per se. Rather it seems to neatly fall into a kind of guitar-oriented instrumental rock style sprinkled with lots of proggy embellishments from beginning to end. The compositions themselves are not overly complex; theyíre actually kind of melodic. And while the guitar is never far from centre stage, Boscher has left plenty of room for keyboards to add variety to the sound. My guess is this will be the kind of album that will appeal to fans of bands like Camel. Each of these musical pieces weaves its way through different moods, with repeating guitar riffs building tension and release. Weíre treated to some repeating themes and songs that trade off being large and epic in sonic-style to quickly turning inward focusing on softer singular moods. Tone-wise, itís quite upbeat and major-chord dominant, again bringing to mind Camel and perhaps even Steve Hackettís work. The manís a very accomplished musician and it shows. Each of these tunes is masterfully performed creating some very captivating moods and atmospheres. I certainly think itís worth checking out and giving a listen.