Band: Breidablik

CD Title: Nhoohr

Website: www.breidablik.bandcamp.com

Label: Pancromatic Records (2019)

Rating: Classic Electronic Music


When I started to listen to this disc on my player the genre came up as “Berlin School of Electronic Music” and that should tell you everything you really need to know about this third album from Breidablik (aka Morten Birkland Nielsen) entitled Nhoohr. If you are a fan of music created by such artists as Tangerine Dream and Radio Massacre International, well this set of tunes will be right up your street, as they say. The promo material says it best when it describes the structure of the music this way: six tracks combining elaborate synth sequences and large ambient passages. Expect to hear layers of sound cascading into walls of synth textures, undulating through sonic soundscapes all punctuated by lead synths or other keyboards to create expansive melodies and themes. A total of fifty minutes of music that’s made up of three long compositions and three shorter ones, all inspired by the idea of a world that has not been modified by humans. The irony is not lost as we listen to electronic music speaking to the idea of a natural environment. Still if the idea is to get you thinking this is definitely the type of music that allows for you to do it. Not much more to be said really, any and all fans of the bands mentioned or electronic music in general should be lining up to purchase this disc. It is everything it sets out to be.