Band: Dynamo Bliss

CD Title: “Day and Night”

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Label: Independent Release

Label Website:

Release Date: 2013


Some bands tend to wear their influences on their sleeve and others not so much. I really don’t have a problem with this either way. If I enjoy the music that’s all that matters. And when it comes to the music of Sweden’s Dynamo Bliss their influences of 10CC, Electric Light Orchestra and even the Korgies are very much on their sleeve and the music they make as a result of those influences I like very much. The trio is made up of: Mikael Sandström (electric and acoustic guitars, banjo, accordion, pedal steel), Stefan Olofsson (vocals, keyboards, zither, guitar, bass, percussion) and Peter Olofsson (drums). Day and Night is the group’s third musical offering and it’s a real charmer, especially if you’re a fan of the bands mentioned above.


Day and Night is actually their second release of 2013 following up on the more pop oriented Poplar Music which kind of hearkens back to the sixties where bands like the Beatles or the Beach Boys would be producing more than one album a year. Day and Night also features a slight shift in compositional style from the previous disc moving more into a decidedly progressive pop vibe. Three of the eleven tracks are longer and the band have included some very short linking tracks as well giving the album a much more varied texture. Rather than coming across as a collection of catchy tunes, there is more of a musical ride or adventure as melodies may only float around for a short time before the tune moves on to the next musical change-up. This is progressive pop at its finest, creating a sound that is full of up-beat compositions and major chord structures. The unquestionable sonic reference point here is 10CC circa Sheet Music. Dynamo Bliss manages to recreate the vocals and harmonies down to a “T” and it’s a great vibe. The music itself is not as dense as their influences choosing instead a rather airy structure yet still incorporating some rather unique or unusual sounds and instruments to create the overall effect.


I really like the sound that Dynamo Bliss are crafting. My guess is that it will keep changing or evolving as they continue to write new material. It seems to me the band is fascinated with the type of music they’re creating rather than the specific sound they might be using as a stepping stone. In any case I really like what they’re doing and Day and Night gets a solid recommendation from me.