Band: Dark Intervals

CD Title: “The Flow”

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Label: Independent Release

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Release Date: 2013


The music of Dark Intervals is the work of Finnish solo artist Ilkka Harjula and The Flow is his debut CD. And if some of this has a familiar ring to it, it’s most likely because you may be aware the similarly named musical work from jazz keyboardist Keith Jarrett. This work according to the Dark Intervals website is an homage to Jarrett. All of the music, its composition and its instrumental performance comes from Harjula’s multi-instrumental talents. The vocals are provided Margit Tornio. While the inspiration may have been a jazz legend the music on display here would more precisely fall into a kind of art-rock with Gothic prog embellishments.


The Flow features eight tracks, roughly 40-minutes of music in total with the individual tracks ranging from as short as 3:23 to as long as 6:19. The jazz inspiration does make its presence felt in the rather complex instrumental lines that pervade these compositions. They will start off in one direction and then incorporate some rather grand crescendos before moving off in another direction. Each song is made up of many different parts all stitched together in some creative fashion. Melodies are also woven intricately into the musical stew. The gothic influence rises to the surface first and foremost from Tornio’s vocal style – it’s almost cold and dispassionate and yet still manages to draw you in on some level. A few of the tunes come off as less complex such as “Cycles” [5:35] which is more of a straight-ahead gothic rocker that still manages to give in to a number of musical change-ups but always returning to the song’s opening core melodic riff. While much of the music here tends to be aggressive Harjula manages to avoid staying in one space for very long as a result the listener never endures too much of any one style for long. Overall the sound is intricate but not complex if that makes any sense. There’s lots going on, but it’s not full of twiddley bits.


The Flow is in no-way prog metal rather I would describe it as art rock with a myriad of progressive and gothic embellishments. Songs are layered with musical change-ups. As a first time solo effort Harjula’s musical talents are quite something to behold. This clearly bodes well for the next effort, which according to the Dark Intervals website he is currently working on. Certainly worth checking out.