Band: Gustavo De Beauville

CD Title: Volume 1

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Label: Independent Release

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Release Date: 2014


By way of introduction, Gustavo De Beauville is a self-taught artist, musician/guitarist and producer from Airdrie, Alberta, Canada who has contributed music to bands, games, film, and now, his first venture into the solo world with his debut instrumental CD Volume 1. You may be familiar with his work through the band The Unravelling and their album 13 Arcane Hymns released in 2010. While that album displayed the more heavy and aggressive side of his musical abilities, here on Volume 1 we get to hear more variety and musical texture.


Volume 1 displays in my player as a Soundtrack and in some ways thatís most appropriate in trying to categorize these 15 instrumental compositions most of which fall into the four-minute range. The guitar is the lead instrument of choice but the musical tone isnít overly heavy. Instead I would describe it as intense and moody with powerful drumming and industrial techno electronics providing a great counterpoint to the guitar work. There is grittiness to the guitar thatís for sure, but it also pulls back from the crunch, displaying other fuzz distortions over the full fifty-seven minutes of the CD. Each tune offers up a core theme or melody that the guitar will play around inserting a solo here or a musical deviation there. Typically a song will start off in one direction, shift into a dramatic change or mood, play there for a while before either going back to the opening theme or creating a distinctly new closing. Still talking about the guitar, it offers up many different sound styles injecting a wide degree of tonal variety meaning the music on Volume 1 is never boring and hardly ever samey, all the while being full of catchy hooks and an overall driving approach.              


I really was captivated by the music of Gustavo De Beauville. While it was heavy at times, it was never heavy for long or for without reason. What kept me coming back was the overall variety. There was always something very cool sounding just after the next musical break. Volume 1 easily gets a lot of playing time on my player. Recommended to guitar fans and those of you who like your prog moody and dramatic with some guitar crunch. Go for it.