Band: Farpoint

CD Title: Paint the Dark

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Label: 10t Records

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Release Date: 2014


Farpoint, a band based in South Carolina are back on the scene with studio album number six and the band continue to evolve and refine their unique brand of folk, acoustic influenced symphonic prog. The album is entitled Paint the Dark and features the following member line-up: Kevin Jarvis (acoustic and electric guitars, keyboards, mandolin, vocals), Dean Hallal (lead and backing vocals), Abby Thompson (lead and backing vocals, piano), Frank Tyson (bass guitar, electric guitar, backing vocals), Rick Walker (drums, percussion, backing vocals) with some specific input from Christi Hunter Brownlow (violin) and Jennifer Meeks Weich (flute). 


Paint the Dark, with its spiritually uplifting lyrical approach features a total of nine compositions a total of sixty-minutes of music. As on past releases the band’s foundational musical approach is similar to artists such as Justin Hayward, Barclay James Harvest or Izz. Actually this time around I even thought I could hear stylistic elements of Pink Floyd cropping up in the music, check out the closing part of “Gone” [7:44] to hear what I mean. On top of this essentially symphonic prog style Farpoint layer elements of acoustic rock, folk and even hints of country flair creating musical compositions that are totally unique. Balanced equally between electric and acoustic sounds, tunes will wind a meandering musical path effortlessly changing form, changing texture any number of times over a songs six, seven or eight minute length. Much of the music comes across as slower, mid-tempo and yet there are some up-tempo things here. Perhaps the slower pieces are the ones that align better with the prog preconceptions. The band continues to feature male and female vocals providing a nice contrast in the music. This combined with some great melody lines makes for a very enjoyable listen.  


Let me paraphrase an old expression; “you can take the band out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the band.” That in some ways sums up my feelings of the music Farpoint create. There is no question of its symphonic prog foundation, that’s certainly evident, and with the addition of all these other elements they have crafted a very unique approach to the genre. At its core, the music of Paint the Dark is melodic prog with a strong acoustic influence and if that sounds like your cup of tea you’ll find a lot to appreciate and enjoy with this disc.